Affordable Lawn Care Packages in Surrey, BC

Affordable Lawn Care Packages in Surrey, BC

Lawn Care

Taking care of the grassy area surrounding your house is known as lawn care. It involves frequent mowing to maintain its neat appearance. Watering is essential to keep plants from drying out, especially on hot days. Fertilizing gives grass the nutrition it needs to be lush and green. By making holes in the soil, aerating enhances the movement of air and water to the grassroots. Controlling weeds and pests is essential; this calls for weed removal and the use of specialized treatments. Knowing the type of grass in your area and its climate will help you maintain care regimens. All things considered, lawn care involves routine upkeep and attention to keep your yard looking lush and healthy. Green Shiny with the reputation of being one of the best and most affordable lawn care packages providing companies in British Columbia, provides affordable and easily accessible packages to everyone.

Lawn Care Packages

Services offered by specialists and lawn care firms under lawn care packages help maintain the health and vibrancy of your grass. Packages for lawn care include weed control, routine upkeep, and much more. The services included in lawn care packages are listed below.

  • Regular maintenance: Most programs include routine tasks like lawn mowing at prearranged intervals to maintain the appropriate grass height.
  • Fertilization: Lawn care packages frequently include fertilization treatments to ensure that your grass receives the nutrients it needs for healthy growth.
  • Weed control: Most solutions include routine tasks like lawn mowing at specified intervals to maintain the optimal grass height.
  • Aeration and overseeding: Some packages include both aeration to reduce soil compaction and overseeding to promote the growth of thicker, healthier grass.
  • Testing: Testing your soil is essential to determine the pH balance and nutrient levels in your soil. Therefore, soil testing is included in lawn care packages.
  • Seasonal Modifications: Lawn care programs are often tailored to your lawn’s unique needs depending on the season. These adjustments are made to take changing environmental elements into consideration.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Lawn mowing and maintenance means cutting the grass to the desired height. It’s an important part of lawn maintenance. Different types of grass may require different cutting heights for optimal health. Lawn mowing benefits are given below:

  • It helps to keep the lawn clean and eye-catching.
  • It helps the grass from becoming too long.
  • It gives good coverage to the grass.

The important thing is how often you need to mow the grass depends on different factors like the type of grass, weather, and growth rate. We at Green Shiny are professionals with expertise and experience in landscaping. We provide both commercial lawn mowing as well as residential lawn mowing services. Hiring us means a stress-free properly maintained green lawn for you.


In simple words, fertilization means providing the necessary nutrients to the grass to make it healthy and strong. Fertilization is like giving food to your grass. Fertilizer provides important nutrients to the soil like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, When the grass is actively developing and most able to absorb the nutrients, fertilizer is often given at specific periods of the year.

To make sure that every area of your lawn receives the nutrients it needs, it’s critical to apply fertilizer uniformly across it. Different kinds of fertilizer may be required for different kinds of soil and grass. For proper application, it’s crucial to adhere to the kind of fertilizer and its usage. That’s where Green Shiny steps up for you. Our professionals are well-trained on the matter leaving you with a lawn full of healthy grass. We promise you that our skilled maintenance will improve the health and strength of your grass

Weed Control and Lawn Maintenance

Preventing weed-growing plants in lawn is weed control. Weed may give your grass an untidy, unhealthy appearance. The following are included in weed control services:

  • Classifying weeds: Professionals in lawn care can identify which weeds are dangerous and should be pulled.
  • Throwing weeds: Weeds can be pulled out of the grass individually, either by hand or using chemicals that destroy the weeds rather than your grass.
  • Stopping growth: Experts in weed management also assist weeds in not germinating in the first place.¬†

With our expert assistance, weeds will successfully be removed from your lawn, refreshing it and improving its overall look and attractiveness.

Lawn Care services are provided by Green Shiny not only in Surrey but throughout British Columbia in major cities like Coquitlam, Vancouver, Richmond, and other places as well. Contact us with any questions you may have. Our dedicated staff is prepared to help you. Reach out to us today for affordable lawn care packages.

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