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Nature Based Solutions

Introduction to Nature-Based Solutions:

At Green Shiny Properties Care Ltd., we recognize the vital importance of nature-based solutions in fostering sustainable land development. Nature-based solutions leverage the inherent capabilities of ecosystems to address environmental challenges, ensuring a harmonious balance between human activities and the natural world.

Soil Bioengineering and Sustainable Land Development:

Soil bioengineering is a holistic approach to land development that integrates living vegetation with engineering techniques to address soil erosion and enhance ecosystem stability. This method emphasizes the use of natural materials and vegetation to create resilient, environmentally friendly solutions. At Green Shiny Properties Care Ltd., we believe that soil bioengineering is pivotal in achieving sustainable land development by promoting ecological health and resilience.

The total bio-engineering approach to slope management (modified from Howell, 1999)

Synergy Between Soil Bioengineering and Nature-Based Solutions:

The synergy between soil bioengineering and nature-based solutions lies in their shared commitment to harnessing the power of nature to solve environmental challenges. By utilizing living plants, such as grasses and shrubs, in combination with engineering practices, soil bioengineering enhances soil structure, prevents erosion, and contributes to overall landscape stability. This holistic approach aligns seamlessly with the broader concept of nature-based solutions, emphasizing the importance of working with nature to create resilient and sustainable environments.

Techniques and Methods

Erosion Control: Green Shiny Properties employs innovative erosion control techniques that utilize natural materials and vegetation to protect soil from erosion. This proactive approach mitigates the impact of water runoff and safeguards the integrity of the land.

Bridge abutment erosion
Bridge abutment erosion

Erosion control for streambank protection project under Trinity Western University (TWU), December 2023

Slope Stabilization: Our expertise in slope stabilization involves the strategic placement of vegetation and engineered structures to reinforce slopes and prevent soil displacement. This not only enhances the stability of the terrain but also contributes to the overall ecological balance.

Slope stabilization using bioengineering techniques strew wattles and willow cuttings for the Blaau Eco forest under Trinity Western University (TWU), July to December 2023

Vegetation Planting: Green Shiny Properties Care Ltd. is committed to promoting biodiversity through vegetation planting. By selecting native plant species, we contribute to the restoration and enhancement of ecosystems. This method not only prevents soil erosion but also creates thriving habitats for local flora and fauna.

Green Shiny Properties Ltd. prioritizes planting trees for ecosystem restoration. The pictures showcase local volunteer mobilization for tree planting in Blaauw Eco Forest in Langley, BC. October 2022

Through our dedication to soil bioengineering and nature-based solutions, Green Shiny Properties Care Ltd. aims to pioneer sustainable land development practices that prioritize environmental health and longevity. Join us in creating a future where human progress coexists harmoniously with the natural world.

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